Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Tor Protects Users From Identification Through Fonts

Each day, some 2.5 million people use the Tor network to protect their privacy and identity on the Internet. The easiest way to browse through the Tor network Tor Browser. This software consists of a modified Firefox version and software that connects to the Tor network.

Tor users get the advice , for example, not logging into websites or other identifying information on websites leave behind.Additionally Tor Browser warns the user maximizes his browser window. The maximum resolution of a display can namely be used for tracking. Another way to track Internet users is on the basis of the fonts used. Something that investigators earlier this year have shown ( pdf ).

In a new test version of Tor Browser 5 was therefore decided to use the same fonts for all supported platforms. According to the developers of Tor, it is a "experimental protection". These new privacy measures will also be included in the final version of Tor Browser 5, which is scheduled for next week.

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