Thursday, 5 February 2015

Blogs And Twitter Users Who Follow The British Secret Service

British intelligence service GCHQ has set up a program to follow discussions of hackers and security experts on Twitter and blogs, according to documents Edward Snowden where The Intercept on message. The list of Twitterers are all kinds of hackers and security experts as well as from anonymous hacktivists and several companies such as Microsoft and the French VUPEN.

The Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) of Finland and the Netherlands are on the list of followed Twitter accounts. In the case of the Netherlands was about GOVCERT that on January 10, 2012 passed in the National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC). Since 2012 until today there was once through theGovcert_NL account twittered. All communications which runs through the Twitter account of the NCSC.

However, the document Snowden dates from 2012. It is unclear whether GCHQ eventually @ NCSC account followed.Because of the focus on the list of Twitter accounts where The Intercept on message was there again today fromGovcert_NL a tweet sent in English which warned that the account is no longer in use.

In total, it would GHCQ about 60 blogs and Twitter users use as an information source. The followed blogs are primarily of security, anti-virus companies and security researchers. According GCHQ can be used Twitter to be alerted in real time about new security issues and possible plans of hacktivists. It also appears that the Secret Service was planning to extend monitoring to IRC channels and Pastebin, where more and more information would come from.

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