Sunday, 1 March 2015

American Silent Circle 100% Owner Of Black Phone

The US security Silent Circle has become the 100% owner of the Black Phone, the privacy-oriented smartphone. Last year launched the Black SGP Technologies Phone, a joint venture between Silent Circle and the Spanish phone manufacturer Geeks Phone. Silent Circle Geeks Phone has now bought out and has thus become the full owner of SGP Technologies and the Black Phone. KPN will offer the device as well later this year in the Netherlands.

In addition, the US company $ 50 million collected to enhance the deployment of the Black Phone and grow. "As the nature and volume of data increases the number of incidents, it takes institutional trust," saith Silent Circle CEO William Conner."There are companies that have been hacked and there are companies that do not know it, which means that security has failed in the traditional sense."

According to Conner companies need another solution more and more employees to their own devices to log into the corporate network. "In summary, in a post-Sony and Gemalto world security incidents become both business and personal, and it is no longer a problem only to do with the board." During the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Silent Circle will launch the first commercial, privacy-focused ecosystem. The company was in early 2012 by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann and two former Navy Seals founded.

Silent Circle has last year Nevis headquarters, an island belonging to the Lesser Antilles, moved to Switzerland. Partly because of the "robust" privacy laws in Switzerland. The headquarters of Black Phone was housed in Switzerland. In 2013 Silent Circle decided because of the legal steps that the US government had taken against email provider lavabit to the plug to pull out their own encrypted email service.

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