Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Symantec Recommends Temporarily Disabling Flash Player

Internet users who are worried about the new vulnerability in Flash Player which no update is available, get anti-virus company Symantec's advice to temporarily disable the browser plug-in. The vulnerability allows cybercriminals in the worst case the computer can take over completely when users visit a compromised or malicious website or see infected ads.

The leak could have been used by infected ads on Dailymotion, one of the most popular video sites on the Internet. Users who have the website with Flash Player and Internet Explorer or Firefox on Windows visited at risk to be infected with malware. "Users who do not block ads and Flash are set to automatically play the most vulnerable," said Adam Winn software company OPSWAT.

He advises Flash Player from users who want to protect themselves against infectious ads to set Click to play and use an ad blocker. "Although controversial ad blocking a highly effective way that enables users to protect themselves against malvertising. An average user can these two things set up within an hour and be sure that he is nearly invulnerable to malvertising and Flash attacks in general "said Winn. Adobe announced this week that it comes with an emergency patch for the leak.

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