Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Android Devices Leak Late Restart Endlessly

Researchers have discovered a new vulnerability in Android which could allow an attacker to restart the unit. In the event it is attacked leak via an app, it is possible to restart to endlessly leave the device. The problem is in the media server of Android, which also previously the Stage Fright leak was discovered, and a vulnerability that sets almost unusable makes.

Also this leak was from the Japanese anti-virus company Trend Micro detected and is present in Android 4.0.1 to 5.1.1 Lollipop. That equates to 89% of Android users. To carry out the attack must play a user to a malicious website an MKV file or install an app that contains the file. In the case of the attack on a media server app is running will end up in an endless loop. The system will eventually be so slow that the system will reboot or the battery expires.

If the attack performed via a website, a user must first play the movie itself. The impact can be especially great when a malicious app. The app can set that starts right at the loading of Android and can then leave as endless reboot the device. In this case, users are not able to remove the app in question, unless the product is launched in Safe mode.

The problem was reported to Google on May 19. On July 31, the Android security team said that there was a security update available. In many cases, Android users for updates depending on their phone company or the manufacturer of their device.Thus it may take longer for updates to be rolled out to users. To our knowledge, the vulnerability is not attacked in the "wild".

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