Tuesday, 3 February 2015

260,000 Facebook Users Infected By Trojan

A Trojan horse that Facebook used to spread now has some 260,000 users of the social networking infected. That leaves the researcher know who first all 110,000 infections counted. The malware lures users with messages that point to a page with a porn video.

Once users click on the video appears a message that they need to download the offered "Flash Player" to watch the movie.However, the download is the Trojan horse. Once the malware is active, the browsers on your computer adapted and equipped with an extension. This extension is intended to keep the malware up-to-date and to block websites with virus removal tools or scanners, says researcher Mohammad Reza Faghani.

Meanwhile, the creators behind the malware would have released a new variant that victims, if they are active on Twitter, a specific Twitter account to follow. Like the first version, the malware also infects Facebook profiles and use the hijacked profiles to spread linkjes to the so-called porn video. In addition, infected Facebook users are forced to follow a specific profile. This profile should now have some 260,000 followers. The Trojan mainly in India, North Africa and South America made ​​victims, said in a Faghani update the malware.

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