Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Be Careful With Downloads From The Pirate Bay

The website of The Pirate Bay is since Saturday in the air again. Users should be especially alert according to TorrentFreak on what they bring in. The swarming namely the junk downloads.

Now, had you always check anything you went exactly winning. But the number of bad torrents according to TorrentFreak very high. They also warn of malware. Incidentally, warned for the return of The Pirate Bay for possible contamination.

Torrent site The Pirate Bay, where user files such as software, music and movies to share, this weekend went after nearly two months have flat located back online.

In December, the Swedish police raided Stockholm, where the servers of The Pirate Bay were taken. Then the site was first completely flat, later there appeared an image of a phoenix on the website. Since Saturday files again can be exchanged.

The Pirate Bay is now incidentally become a Swedish web address, instead of an international address. The old address will send a visitor or directly to the new website.The site is now registered in Stockholm.

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