Monday, 2 February 2015

AdBlock Plus Would Allow Ads By Google, Microsoft And Amazon

Adblock Plus, by far the most popular browser extension that exists, would ads from Google, Microsoft and Amazon no longer hold back. According to a report in the Financial Times the company would pay the developer of the extension to allow their ads.

Adblock Plus claims to be downloaded over 300 million times. Some 20 million Firefox users and more than 10 million users use Chrome extension. Adblock Plus is also available for other browsers. According to research of Page Fair would be the impact of these and other ad blockers are increasingly felt by websites. Users can easily block ads in this way, allowing websites to lose revenue.

The Financial Times says that Google, Amazon, Microsoft and advertising company Taboola the developer of Adblock Plus paid to whitelist their ads. For example, ads are as in Microsoft's Bing search engine is shown. For this, the developer would be 30% of the ad revenue have asked where the companies agreed upon. Developer EYEO also states that will be transmitted only acceptable advertisements. Google and Amazon, however, want to give response to the Financial Times, while Microsoft has announced that it always gives users a choice when it comes to advertising.

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