Monday, 2 February 2015

Adobe Vulnerability: "Warning New Attacked Flash Player Leak"

Internet users are warned again a new vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player which no update is available and actively used to infect computers with malware. The vulnerability is in Flash Player and earlier versions.

Visiting a hacked or malicious Web site with a vulnerable Flash Player installation is enough to get infected. The attacks which until now have been observed to focus on users of Internet Explorer and Firefox on Windows 8.1 and older, according to the advisory . The leak, which is listed as CVE-2015-0313, was discovered by researchers at Trend Micro and Microsoft.

Adobe says that it will come this week with an emergency patch. It would be the third emergency patch in less than two weeks. Previously published a need patches on January 23 and January 26 . This emergency patches were for vulnerabilities via contaminated ads , among other porn sites were attacked. Through this page, Adobe, Internet users see which version of the software on their computers and what is the latest version.

Trend Micro let know that the new zero-day vulnerability has been used by infected ads on the website . A website according to Alexa on the 83th spot of most visited websites on the Internet is Dailymotion. Visitors to the popular video site were without them knowing redirected to a page with an exploit that made ​​abuse of the Flash Player leak. The attacks since January 14 monitored by the anti-virus company, which is from January 27 to see a spike in the number of users will be redirected to the exploit. Meanwhile the infected ads would not be shown on Dailymotion.

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