Sunday, 1 February 2015

Google Pays Researchers 4 Million For Bug Reports

Since Google in 2010 with a program in which the researchers began paying for reporting vulnerabilities and other security issues in their own software has more than 4 million dollars paid to rewards. Last year, more than $ 1.5 million to more than 200 different researchers made. The highest reward was an amount of $ 150,000 , for the well-known hacker George Hotz. Hotz was then invited to walk in the Project Zero Team Google internship that is actively looking for leaks in many popular programs.

Through the rewards Google hopes to find vulnerabilities that might otherwise be missed. Last year more than 500 bugs were discovered in this way and rewarded. This year, Google continues to expand the reward program, as the search giant announced . There is also monetize vulnerabilities in Google applications on Android and iOS and come and scholarships for security researchers. In this case, Google will pay the investigator for his research, even if no vulnerabilities found.

The reward programs would ensure that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find vulnerabilities, which can discourage researchers to invest their time. Therefore now started this experimental program in which researchers already before they have examined a scholarship one line of code, with a maximum amount of $ 3113.70. Research fellows will also find that leak still qualify for the applicable bugbeloning.

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