Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trojan Horse Infected 110,000 Facebook Users

A Trojan horse that has spread through Facebook in two days, more than 110,000 users of the social networking infected, says researcher Mohammad Reza Faghani. The malware lures users with exciting messages that point to a page with a porn video.

Once users click on the video appears a message that they need to download the offered "Flash Player" to watch the movie. However, the download is the Trojan horse. According to the researcher this Trojan horse differs from other Trojans who used Facebook to spread. If sent other Trojans messages on behalf of the victim to some of his friends. Once these friends became infected, the Trojan sent back messages to their friends.

The now discovered Trojan "tagging" the friends of the infected user in the message. This allows not only the friends of the first victim the message, but also their friends again, so the malware can spread quickly. In order not to fall too much on the Trojan would not be more than 20 users tag a message. Once active on a system, the malware can take over the keyboard and mouse.

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