Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Malware Hijacks Microsoft Outlook To Send Email

Researchers have discovered that a Trojan on infected computers used Microsoft Outlook to send infected emails. It is a variant of the Dyre banking Trojan , also known as Dyreza . The malware is specifically designed to steal money from online bank accounts.

The now discovered variant spreads via email attachments posing as faxes or contain a message from an undelivered package and Upatre downloader. This downloader downloads the weather Dyre Trojan on the system, which installs a worm on the computer. The worm uses Microsoft Outlook on the computer to send infected e-mails with Upatre downloader. In addition, the malware does not use the address book of the victim, as it was done by many worms in the past. After the messages are sent, the worm deletes itself again, as reports of anti-virus company Trend Micro.

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