Wednesday, 4 February 2015

NoScript Perhaps Best Firefox Security

The NoScript extension is perhaps the best way for Firefox users to secure the browser, although the extension may be at the expense of the browsing experience. That says Jean Taggart anti-virus company Malwarebytes. Taggart discusses various measures available to Firefox users to screw on both security and privacy. As discussed different extensions and settings. However, it is NoScript that can yield the most protection.

The popular extension block active content on websites such as trackers, plug-ins and JavaScript. Additionally, it provides protection against cross-site scripting and other web attacks. According Taggart average users have no idea how many active content on websites is active and how much is going on in the background. "The installation and use of NoScript is an eye opener," the security expert. Installing NoScript may ensure that web sites, because all kinds of scripts are being blocked, no longer works at all.

Users should also be allowed to decide what scripts and what not. Taggart makes a comparison with driving. Normal Internet is like driving an automatic, while NoScript is a car with a stick shift. "If you do not know how to operate the clutch at the start of a hill you get established." In addition, using NoScript requires some self-discipline. Users who constantly switch on all kinds of scripts thereby undermining the purpose of the extension.

In the list of Taggart is the most popular Firefox extension, Adblock Plus, not specified. The security expert notes that many websites advertising revenues depend. Ads are also a popular attack vector. Using NoScript however prevents infected ads are loaded and thus prevents the discussion or Adblock Plus should or should not be used, Taggart decision.

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