Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Durka Malicious App: Apps On Google Play Store Infect Millions With Adware

Researchers have found several apps on Google Play that occur as games, but found to contain a million times and downloaded in reality adware. Some of the apps, including the card game Durka, activate the existing adware only after 30 days.

The adware ensures that when users unlock their device, they get a warning that their device is infected or outdated or full porn state. Then you will be asked to take action. If users are being redirected to come dubious apps and app stores herein secretly send text messages or collect all sorts of personal information. In some cases, users refer to security apps on Google Play.

Anti-virus company Avast thinks the adware distributors get paid for generating traffic to the apps and app stores. "Most people will not find out the cause of the problem and will have to deal with every time ads as they unlock their device," says analyst Filip Chytry. He thinks that most people end up trusting the solution offered, which can lead to more unwanted apps or costs. Besides Durka also involves an IQ test app and an app on the history of Russia. The apps are downloaded together between 5 million and 10 million times.



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