Wednesday, 17 June 2015

21 Virus Scanners Tested With Real Infected Links

To increase the effectiveness of virus outside of a test environment to test run the Austrian test lab AV-Comparatives every month a "real-world protection test", in which anti-virus programs are tested with real infected links on the Internet. 595 links were used for the test in May.

The malicious links to malware being or trying to install via a drive-by download malware silently on the system. These are exactly the same attack vectors that Internet users receive everyday lives. Since there are up-to-date software worked knew many of the URLs the drive-by download not perform. According to AV-Comparatives Internet users may also reduce the risk of malware by installing patches.

The virus scanners and Internet security suites were at the time of the test is also updated with the latest signatures. Stop only two scanners, Panda Free Antivirus and Trend Micro Internet Security, knew all the attacks without user interaction. F-Secure is also recognized all attacks, but the decision to block the malware left it in a number of cases over to the user.

Threat Track, Microsoft Security Essentials and Lava Software Ad-ware Free Antivirus + at the bottom end, with a detection of around 90%. It was also the "false positives" look, it wrongly detecting clean files as malware. Examples include F-Secure at that time gave 14 false alarms. Also Panda (7) and McAfee (6) go several times a mistake.

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