Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Banks worldwide extorted through DDoS attacks

A group of cyber criminals who extorted in the past, online casinos and gambling sites via DDoS attacks now focuses on leading banks, trading platforms and other financial institutions. Before warns security firm Arbor Networks. The group calls itself DD4BC criminals (DDoS for Bitcoin), and since last July active . In recent months, both the number and the scale of the attacks increased.

The company's website is first attacked shortly, so the group can determine the effectiveness of the DDoS attack. If it is successful there will be a mail in which a certain amount is required. Is not paid, then there is a severe and prolonged DDoS attack. In a warning to customers Arbor Networks describes 37 attacks / campaigns that carried the group. The actual number of victims is higher, because not all victims of the attacks on their website made ​​public, especially if they paid the amount requested.

The amount varies by asking the attackers attack. Some victims had to pay 100 bitcoin, what with the current exchange rate with 21,000 euro contract. Still, Arbor Networks advises companies not to pay the ransom. This will encourage criminals merely had to return to extort more money to continue their attacks. The group denies this and claims that the company only targets at once. Meanwhile there is also a reward of 110 bitcoin (23,000 euros) offered for information that the group can be unmasked.

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