Friday, 12 June 2015

Ransomware Focused Specifically On Pedophiles

The Tox-ransomware deployed published in May was initially specifically against pedophiles, know as the designer. Recently announced the author, who claims to be a student teenager, he decided to stop the development of Tox platform and offered for sale to.

Tox is a free kit to experience ransomware. Like other ransomware encrypts files and then demands ransom Tox to decrypt it.The website which is offered Tox is on the Tor network, and generating the ransomware is free. However, the automaker received 30% of the ransom was earned through the ransomware, with the remaining 70% went to the party that spread the ransomware.

The first users of Tox had to cater to pedophiles, because the simple victims. "Pedophiles were the prime target in the beginning, because it is easy to make a file that claims" hot pics "contain," the ransomwaremaker opposite Vocativ . In the first week after Tox went live, he had more than 1,000 users and infections. The maker decided to own saying stop because the business model of ransomware is contrary to his values.

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