Friday, 5 June 2015

Google: Companies Must Treat With Respect Hackers

Hackers who find vulnerabilities in companies and organizations, which then report should be thanked and paid, rather than addressing legal. That left Google CEO Eran Feigenbaum during a speech at the Infosecurity trade fair know in London.

"It was as if you told a company that you had broken into their surroundings, they usually respond with legal action. They tried to stop you and made sure you could not tell anyone," Feigenbaum told the audience. "We have chosen a different approach, where we thank the people." According to Feigenbaum get companies thanks to hackers out a new set of eyes to look for problems.

"Even with 450 security professionals who regularly watch our software whether it is safe, you will get by working with the security community an entirely new contributions, bearing in mind things thought that you yourself would think," Feigenbaum showed later on CNBC know . He also advises companies to encourage hackers the "right" to do so by treating them with respect and pay. "It is important to thank them."

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