Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Toshiba Promises Quantum Cryptography 2020

The Japanese electronics giant Toshiba says that in five years with a communication system is making use of quantum cryptography and in theory is not to eavesdrop. This was reported by the Asahi Shimbun . The testing of the quantum key distribution according to the company is located in the final stage. Earlier tests with long-distance communication would have been a success. In late August there will be a test of two years to test the resistance of the system before it goes to market.

At current encryption systems are working with secret keys. Once the key has been stolen, the data can be decrypted. Quantum Cryptography is a technique in which the encryption of information is performed with the aid of light, or photons. A zero or one is represented by a single light particle. At the level of single particles governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. That means that if the encrypted message is intercepted, the content of the message changes automatically.

The Toshiba system first sends the secret key and then the data. If it appears that the secret key is intercepted, the data will not be sent and intercepted key is turned off. Photons are, however, unstable and the development of a system to communicate over long distances has always been a major obstacle. Toshiba has improved the precision of the photo transmitter, where there is now photons over a distance of 45 kilometer may be sent. The test that begins shortly aims to solve the final obstacles so that the system, in practice, may be used.


  1. Wow, that is indeed a wonderful innovation. I practice chinese via skype at http://preply.com/en/chinese-by-skype and my teacher always tell me to be careful of browsing the internet because of the hackers and I think this will certainly help in minimizing those in the future.

    1. Yes it will definitely help somewhere.