Monday, 15 June 2015

Male Skype Users Extorted Via Videochat

Users of Skype should be careful that they are not extorted through recordings made during the video chat, warns the American police. It is mainly about male Skype users who are tempted by female scammers during a video chat.

Often the men are partially disrobed and video chat is without them knowing or pause recorded it. Then the scammer threatens to make the pictures public unless it is paid, reports Online Threat Alerts . In the case of the warning by the US police it is a 26-year-old international student who met a woman on Facebook and eventually a Skype video chat with her ​​began.

The woman asked the man to undress, which he did. The images were captured and the woman then asked for $ 1,000, via Western Union had to be made. Otherwise they put the nude video on the Internet and send them to friends and family on Facebook. The student put it Skype, removed his Facebook account and called the police. Also at the forum of Skype are all kinds of threads to find that people indicate that they have been victims of extortionists.

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