Friday, 26 June 2015

Man Mails More Than 97,000 People Their Password

With great regularity on websites like Pastebin stolen passwords and other credentials posted. The reason for a programmer named Julian alias' aTechDad 'to collect all kinds of stolen email addresses and passwords via a script and then warn the user.

For example, some Internet users use Google Alerts or other services to warn if their data appear anywhere on the internet.Most Internet users may not know such services exist and users who know there is much that their data would rather not leave you in this kind of party, said the programmer. He therefore decided to create a script, which he in a three-day period on Pastebin 97 931 combinations of email addresses and passwords collected.

Last month, he decided to warn users. Through a simple e-mail, he said that the account of the user probably was compromised, which he also co-stared the password. The nearly 98,000 sent emails yielded only nine thanked by. 100 e-mails could not be delivered, while 41 people sent back a request to be unsubscribed. Yet Julian considers the experiment a success. At this time he started a second experiment, in which he has already collected 300,000 passwords. "I might do it again," said the programmer.

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