Friday, 12 June 2015

Windows 10 Apps Let Users Protect Against Malware

Microsoft has added new technology to Windows 10 apps which use the virus present in the system to protect users from malware. These involve any security solution and not just Microsoft. According to Microsoft can help application developers as a new way to protect users from dynamic script-based malware and special attack vectors.

The solution that Microsoft has coined the Antimalware scanning interface (AMSI). This is an interface standard that allows applications and services can integrate with any installed security program. It is primarily intended for difficult to detect script malware. However, Microsoft looks beyond "scripting engines" as PowerShell, which require the virus to control specific code.

It is also considered communications apps inspecting messages for malware before they are presented to the user or games that monitor plug-ins to install. It will happen in a way that users do not need to do. In this way, malware that tries to hide and use built-in Windows scripting hosts will be inspected on a much deeper level, which should provide additional protection.

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