Friday, 5 June 2015

Starter Looking For Stolen Corporate Data On The 'Dark Web'

An American starter has developed a solution that can find stolen corporate data on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is the name for websites and services through anonymity networks like Tor and I2P are accessible. It regularly happens that compromised or stolen corporate data at market places and forums for cyber criminals appear on the Tor network.

Terbium Labs, founded by two researchers from the Johns Hopkins University, proposes that these data are very fast on both the accessible Internet as the Dark Web can find, so the compromised company can be alerted in question. In this way, a leak can be found within seconds or minutes rather than months, as claimed by the investigators.

To do this, first a "digital fingerprint" made the important business files and data. Then there is the Dark Web and Internet for these prints. According to him, would have the company in this way in just 30.000 seconds stolen credit cards and 6,000 compromised email addresses find you.

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