Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Maker Black Shades Malware Gets Almost 5 Years In Prison

In the United States a 24-year-old Swedish man was sentenced to a prison term of nearly five years for developing the Black Shades malware, as reported to the US Department of Justice. Through Black Shades were users of the malware full control over the computers of their victims, including the webcam.It was also possible to view pictures via the malware, saving keystrokes and steal passwords.

The malware was offered at a cost of between $ 40 and $ 100 and could easily be adapted for various purposes. Globally, more than 500,000 computers in more than 100 countries with malware infected. According to the Department of Justice Black Shades would have been sold to thousands of criminals and this generated between September 2010 and April 2014 a total of more than $ 350,000. Last year there was a major international operation against users Black Shades place where the Dutch police attended.

According to the indictment of the American OM the Swede led his organization, which led to the development of Black Shades, like a real business, which he took and sacked employees, salaries and customized the software at the request of its customers. He also had several managers employ to keep the organization running, such as a marketing director, a website developer, a customer manager and a real team of customer service representatives.

The Swede was arrested in late 2013 and Moldova last April extradited to the United States. In addition to his prison sentence of 57 months, he must also give an amount of $ 200,000 and the computer that was used for the development of the malware.

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