Thursday, 25 June 2015

HackerOne Receives Investment Of $ 25 Million

HackerOne, the platform for reporting vulnerabilities in various software projects and applications, during a new round of investment $ 25 million received. HackerOne was in 2013 founded with the help of Facebook and Microsoft. Initially HackerOne focused on rewarding bug reports in popular software projects from which millions of people use. Meanwhile, all kinds of software companies through the website launched a so-called "bug bounty program."

HackerOne fulfills coordination between bug detector and the software in question. Also advises the platform software vendors for their own software via HackerOne want to start a rewards program. The money in the latest round of investment was raised include from Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff, Dropbox's CEO and co-founder Drew Houston and Yelp CEO and co-founder Jeremy Stoppelman.

Since the last round of investment HackerOne the number of employees has expanded from 10 to 50. By now, Yahoo !, Twitter, Adobe, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Snap Chat and Airbnb all use the services of the platform. The total number of customers has now passed the 250. These software companies and projects in recent years to more than 1,500 researchers over $ 3.2 million was paid. The money was used to locate nearly 10,000 vulnerabilities and fix. Despite the positive noises made ​​LinkedIn recently announced that it had started a private reward program for a select group of researchers, because programs where everyone can join would create too much noise to. Why chose LinkedIn sure to route payments to researchers via HackerOne.

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