Friday, 26 June 2015

Europol Arrests Gang Behind Zeus- And SpyEye Malware

At an international operation is an active group of cyber criminals arrested who is suspected to be behind the development and spread of the Zeus- and SpyEye malware. The malware was used to steal money from online bank accounts, which the gang would have caused damage to 2 million.

The operation, which took place on 18 and 19 June in the Ukraine and was supported by Europol and Euro just were arrested five suspects and eight homes searched. According to Europol, the criminals use malware to attack online banking systems in Europe and beyond. "Every cyber criminal had its own specialty and the group was pretty skirts in making the malware, infecting machines, collecting credentials for online banking and money laundering through straw men," said the European Investigation.

On forums for cyber criminals stolen credentials were compromised account data and malware traded. The group would also their "hacking services" to other parties and cooperation with other cyber criminals have sought. "This was a very active group of criminals who were active in countries on all continents, tens of thousands of users infected with banking Trojans then attacked big banks," said Europol.

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