Saturday, 6 June 2015

US Officials Stole Millions Of Data Possible

Attackers are late last year managed to break into a US government agency and have thereby allow the data from about 4 million civil servants stolen, let the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) themselves know . The hack at the OPM took place last December.

Earlier in 2014 knew attackers even though at the same public body to strike . The last burglary was discovered in April this year, after the OPM for the first break-in last March had boosted security and had rolled out various network tools. The Office of Personnel Management runs a system called e-QIP, where federal officials can apply for security clearances. It should be introduced all kinds of highly personal information, including financial data.

In addition, officials who have security clearances to update their personal information via the website. Information from the OPM would, for example spear phishing attacks can be used. Who is behind the attack is still unknown, although the FBI suspects it comes to Chinese hackers, so let sources across the Washington Post know. Whether the attackers actually been able to steal data is unknown. The OPM speaks for itself that the "possible" happened. However, all 4 million civil servants will be warned next week.

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