Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Infected Ads On Popular Dutch Websites

Besides the Telegraaf recent days more popular Dutch websites infected with malware ads appeared that visitors were trying to infect. It also involves , , and , reports the Dutch security company SurfRight .

Yesterday it was announced that several major websites was an active advertising campaign which focused specifically on the Dutch internet users. The ads would be June 11, the websites have appeared. Besides Dutch websites the ads were also Dutch visitors , , and shown. According SurfRight contain ads malicious code that uses known vulnerabilities in Adobe Flash Player.

If users have installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player they run no risk. The installed version of Flash Player can on this page to be viewed. Is there a vulnerable Flash Player version on the computer and the attack successfully, the Bedep Trojan is installed.

This Trojan for Windows can install additional malware, but what the final load is still unknown. The advertising platform for displaying the ads late charge that the infected ads in question have since been removed, so says security researcher Yonathan Klijnsma Fox-IT.

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