Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Belgian Privacy Commission Drags Facebook For Court

The Belgian Privacy Commission is dragging Facebook to court because of the following people who are not members of the social networking site. The case, which starts Thursday, is about the social plug-ins are available on many websites and allows visitors to share content on social media.

These buttons allow Facebook also visitors can follow which are not members of the social networking site. The problem came up during an earlier investigation of iMinds, VUB and KULeuven which had carried the Privacy Commission. It stated that Facebook members but non-members "secretly tracks" and its data processed.

"Even people who specifically indicate that they want to be followed are still followed", says Willem Debeuckelaere, chairman of the Belgian Privacy Commission. Across De Morgen let him know that the behavior of Facebook can not be tolerated. "We have a subpoena last Thursday show output to Facebook Belgium, Ireland and the United States."

On the basis of the previously held research presented the Privacy Commission on May 13 of this year, concerns and recommendations. It is mainly concerned that Facebook should be more transparent. Facebook did know, however, that it does not accept the Belgian law and the authority of the Belgian Privacy Commission, and that it all rests on a misunderstanding. "For us that was the signal to go to court," said Debeuckelaere. It is the first time that Facebook is towed by a European privacy commission to court for not respecting the privacy laws.

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