Tuesday, 23 June 2015

US Warns Hospital Patients After Snooping Into Private Data

An American medical center has about 4,900 patients warned that an employee for nearly four years has viewed their private data without this being necessary for his job duties. It would be names, dates of birth, gender, medical record numbers, height, weight, allergy information, address, medical documentation, diagnoses, test results, medication, employment status, health insurance and employer.

According to the UC Irvine Medical Center , the employer for his work to access some patient records, but he also had no work-related tasks between June 2011 and March 2015 looked at patient records. After the discovery, the hospital forensic experts called in to examine the hard drive and e-mail account of the employee.

The investigation revealed that the employee no patient data had been removed. The police were also informed that a study was started. Furthermore, the employee no longer has access to the networks of the medical center and are subject to disciplinary action. The worker eventually ran into trouble the hospital does not know. Affected patients can get one year of free credit monitoring them.

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