Monday, 15 June 2015

Amazon Denies Involvement In PRISM Program

Amazon did not participate in the PRISM program by the NSA, as the Internet giant has during the presentation of the first transparency report ( pdf ) let you know. PRISM was unveiled in 2013 by whistleblower Edward Snowden. It turned out to be a secret surveillance program of US intelligence that data of at least nine major US Internet companies collected. Amazon, however, was one of the companies not in the NSA slides stated.

In the announcement of the transparency report states that Amazon also regularly goes to subpoenas from the government to appeal customer data. However, it is handed over or information in the majority of cases, as appears from the own figures.From 1 January 2015 to 31 May this year, Amazon received from the US government 813 subpoenas. In 542 cases, all requested information has been submitted and 126 time it was partial information. In 145 cases, no information was ceded.

Amazon also received the American investigators 25 "search warrants", where 13 cases were fully cooperated and in 8 cases partially. Four times they did not even ceded. Besides the US authorities also knocked foreign governments at Amazon. In total there are 132 requests, which was 108 times fully co-operated and 7 part time. 17 times Amazon decided not to provide the information requested. Whether the Dutch authorities have filed requests with Amazon is unknown, since no breakdown by country is made, as in the example transparency reports of Yahoo, Twitter, and Google is the case.

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