Thursday, 25 June 2015

Researcher: Samsung Software Disables Windows Update

The software Samsung on some laptops flour evert appears to disable Windows Update, so users do not receive critical security updates. Before warns Microsoft MVP Patrick Barker . He is active on a forum where someone had a problem with Windows Update.

Further research showed that a file on the laptop was named Disable_Windowsupdate.exe that, as the name suggests, Windows Update turned off. The file appeared to be part of the update software that installs on Samsung laptops. Through this software drivers and programs are updated. Barker decided to contact Samsung and was told that indeed Windows Update is turned off by the software.

The reason is that otherwise the standard drivers to be installed that do not necessarily work with the laptop. To prevent this, switches the Samsung software Windows Update. Experts are puzzled about the operation of the software, just because Windows Update is an important tool for users to automatically install updates. Samsung has not yet responded to the criticism. Barker takes at least that Samsung's software as malware should be considered.

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