Thursday, 11 June 2015

Microsoft Patches Critical Holes In IE And Windows Media Player

During the June Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has eight updates released that fix 45 vulnerabilities in total, including critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player. Through these vulnerabilities, an attacker in the worst case, the underlying system can take over completely.

The update for IE fixes a total of 24 vulnerabilities. Just visiting a malicious or hacked page would have been sufficient to allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the computer. Microsoft expects that cyber criminals have developed exploits within 30 days that will use these vulnerabilities to infect computers with malware.

In the case of Windows Media Player , an attacker remote computer completely take if malicious content opens in the media player. The impact of a strike may be limited, depending on the rights which the user is logged in. Despite the severity of the leak is not Microsoft expects cyber criminals are using the short-term.

The other six security updates that Microsoft released as "Important" labeled and repair vulnerabilities in the Windows kernel, Exchange Server, Active Directory Federation Services, Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers, Common Controls and Microsoft Office. Through the leak an attacker could increase his rights or run arbitrary code. Unlike the leaks in IE and Media Player would be here more interaction from the user is required, making Microsoft the impact is not as criticism but as judges important. All updates via Windows Update to download.

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