Monday, 22 June 2015

Torrent Tags Warns Torrents Copyright

Australian software developers have developed a database called Torrent Tags that users warns Torrent Files copyrighted. The database contains a list of torrent files that are ever claimed by a copyright holder.

When a user uploads the .torrent via the website or entering the hash, Torrent Tags shows that the file has been claimed by a copyright holder. In several countries, torrent users already indicted by societies because of downloading copyrighted material. The database is aggregated via Torrent Tags Chilling Effects and information copyright holders themselves. They can also pinpoint torrents copyright.

According to the developers of Torrent Tags should leave this sort parties know what torrents copyright applies, before users can be monitored, with the ultimate goal to indict them. In addition, they argue that without making this information public, monitoring of torrent users equals "honeypot strategies." From a user perspective is a torrent without claim because indistinguishable from a torrent that has been made by a copyright holder and as a honeypot to act.

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