Saturday, 20 June 2015

Research: Botnets Consist Of Average 1700 Computers

In the first quarter of this year were from botnets average 1700 computers, claims ISP Level 3 on the basis of own research ( pdf ). For the study 600 to 1000 Command & Control servers were monitored allow cyber criminals to control infected computers.

The number of computers part of a botnet accounted fluctuated considerably in the first months of this year. So it went in January to an average of 3,763 computers, but this was dropped in March to 338 computers. According to Level 3 is due to the decline in the "vigilance" by the security community. Computers that are part of a botnet are found mainly in China and the United States, each with more than half a million infected machines, followed by Norway with 213,000 "zombies."

Norway was in the first quarter, also the target of the most botnet traffic, followed by the US and Spain. The presence of Norway is explained by a single incident where a botnet server was hosted within a specific hosting environment.


The report also mentioned several times Netherlands. For example, the Netherlands is in fourth place worldwide in countries that generate botnet traffic and in third place in Europe. "From a global perspective, the Netherlands is higher in relation to other European countries. The top 10 listing is primarily due to a large and heavy port scanner which made a number of victims in the Nordic region," says the report. It is further stated that the Netherlands provides a "robust infrastructure," making it "ideal" is to centralize botnets in the region.

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