Monday, 22 June 2015

US Data Leaks School Children In PowerPoint Presentation

An American school has the private data of preschoolers and schoolchildren leaked into a PowerPoint presentation. During the presentation, which was given by the CTO of the school in 2011, were on a slide to see the pictures of sixteen toddlers, as well as their names and phone numbers.

On another slide listing the names, student numbers and reading scores of 145 "fourth-graders" (similar to group 6, children 9-10 years old) are shown. The presentation was later shown at a different location and ended up on a federal government website. Once an older school in March this year had warned the presentation was removed. In April followed a letter of apology to all parents to, as is now known, according to the Washington Post .

In the letter, the school that the PowerPoint presentation against the rules was not monitored. The chief technology officer, said at one of the affected schools that they did not know the details of real students originated. In addition, the CTO claims not know the organization that the presentations had kept the PowerPoint file uploaded to a website of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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