Friday, 5 June 2015

Tox-Maker Ransomware Quits And Is Looking For Buyer

The author of the recently published Tox-ransomware, in his own words a teenager who studies, it has decided to stop offering its platform now for sale. According to the developer, he had not counted on all the attention that was his creation. Tox is a free kit to experience ransomware.

Like other ransomware encrypts files and then demands ransom Tox to decrypt it. The website which is offered Tox is on the Tor network, and generating the ransomware is free. A few days after the site went live, which was noticed by McAfee and followed a blog posting , making the fame grew. This resulted in more users and more infections with the Tox-ransomware.

According to the developer, however, it was enough and he's not a criminal. In addition, the situation would get out of hand, which he has now decided to quit. In addition, he provides the database encryption keys for sale. If no one buys the database which he will release in a month and the files of victims will be decrypted automatically. Recently decided the creator of the Locker-ransomware them to stop and automatically decrypted while all infected computers.

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