Thursday, 4 June 2015

Phone scammer: 60% Of People Believe Us

Scammers people through pop-ups let you know that their computer is infected with a virus and they should call a certain telephone number are very successful, claims a Phone Scammer on Reddit , who says he has six months dealing with the phone defrauding people.

When asked how many people have with the scam, the scammer that 40% of people from all kinds of insults, while the remaining 60% actually think they are infected by malware. To solve the problem at least $ 100 was charged, while a virus the same amount had to be paid. Asking prices were, however, depending on the location and the profession that exerted the victim. Something the scammers ask victims.

Initially, the scammer claims that he did not realize that people were ripped off, though he had his suspicions. Eventually, he realized what he was doing and decided to stop. The scammer claims to be an American and says that there are many call centers in the US where the scams are carried out. In his case, which were mainly aimed at Windows users. Called example, a Mac user, then he decided to hang up.

The pop-ups that let users believe they have shown both Windows and Mac users problems, says security firm Blue Coat.Contrary to Blue Coat maintains its Mac users have long targeted by scammers. For example, in 2013 and 2014 all variants of this scam observed that focused on Mac users.

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