Sunday, 14 June 2015

Hack US Government Possibly Worse Than Thought

The US government agency that attackers late last year for a second time managed to break in and possibly the data of millions of officials spoils were very likely also sensitive private data stolen by which officials could be extorted.

The Office of Personnel Management runs a system called e-QIP, where federal officials can apply for security clearances. It should be introduced all sorts of very personal information ( pdf ), including financial data. Research now shows that these sensitive data may be stolen. It would be forms that officials must fill highly personal information, such as mental health problems, drug and alcohol use, arrests by police and bankruptcies. Also have names of acquaintances and contacts are being completed, and the social security number.

In a statement allows the White House that researchers have found that with a "very high degree of certainty" the systems for the background checks of current, former and future officers used are compromised and data is stolen, reports the Associated Press . As with the first report of the burglary researchers have no hard evidence that the data are actually captured.

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