Friday, 19 June 2015

Edward Snowden Praises Privacy Posture Apple

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is very positive attitude about privacy and Apple's business model, which Cupertino users of data collected and not used to earn money, he left opposite TechCrunch know. Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple's commitment to privacy and businesses that the data from their users cashing are wrong.

According to Snowden does not matter whether Cook speaks the truth. "What's really important is that he has a commercial reason itself from competitors like Google to distinguish." If the business model of Apple, however, will mean that information is collected and sold, according to the whistleblower's right to privacy and users. "We need to support vendors that want to innovate," he noted.

Especially when the competition can be entered in this way companies make money by collecting data. If Apple does not respect the privacy promise this will have the confidence of users and harm far greater implications for the company. Snowden, however, hopes that Cook will fulfill his promises.

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