Monday, 15 June 2015

British Spies Transferred Because Snowden Documents

The British government has spies transferred after their method through documents whistleblower Edward Snowden in Russia and China has become known. That report the BBC and Sunday Times today.According to sources, Moscow and Beijing managed to decrypt the encrypted documents Snowden.

Therefore, the method of British spies would now be known and that has led to Britain's "vital information" no longer able to collect, an anonymous government source told the BBC. In addition to Britain were also other Western intelligence personnel have been transferred after Moscow had managed to crack more than a million confidential files Snowden. The whistleblower spent some time in Hong Kong before he eventually received asylum in Russia.

He has always said that nobody has gotten his hands on files, but the Sunday Times says it has learned that Russia and China do have the information by government officials and intelligence agencies. However, there would be no British spies because something happened to them. However, the British government will not comment on the matter, reports the Guardian .

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