Sunday, 28 June 2015

Researcher: Root Certificates Added Quietly Windows

Microsoft has quietly 18 new root certificates to Windows without notice has been here somewhere. So says a researcher with the alias " Hexatomium ". Root Certificates determine which SSL certificates are trusted by the operating system.

It is therefore important to know which organizations and certificate authority's root certificate is added. The researcher reports that he is the new root certificates through the RCC-auditing tool has discovered. Through the program, users can control which root certificates are heard in the Windows root CA to store and which have been added quietly.

In addition to the SHA1 hash of the license and the name of the associated certificate authority is no additional information is available. On Hacker News lets a user know that the certificate authority named RXC C2 is actually Cisco. Remarkably Cisco sets its own documentation Cisco RXC certificate policy ( pdf ) which certificate authorities should always use meaningful names. Feather in the list of additional root certificates include certificates of Swedish, Tunisian and Indian authorities.

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