Sunday, 28 June 2015

Apple Blocks Unsafe Versions Of Flash Player

Because of a zero-day vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player which this week emergency patch released Apple has decided to block all versions of the emergency patch. The vulnerability was used in targeted attacks before the update was available from Adobe. Through the leak could allow an attacker complete control of the computer.

In order to achieve this, e-mails have been sent to links with different targets. The link in the message pointed to a website that then tried to install malware through the vulnerability in Flash Player. According to Adobe, the attacks against Firefox users on Windows XP and IE users on Windows 7 and older Windows versions. Nevertheless, Mac users were advised to install the emergency patch within 72 hours.

Mac users who have not yet done receive when visiting websites in Safari that Flash Player now invoke a pop-up . Which reports that Flash Player is outdated and needs to be updated. Something can be done via a button in the same message.The blockade applies to all Flash Player versions prior to version and

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