Saturday, 20 June 2015

Network Waste Processor Fukushima Infected With Malware

The Japanese state company that manages radioactive waste resulting from the nuclear reactor of Fukushima was hit by malware, as it has Japanese Ministry of Environment announced. The Japan Environmental Storage & Safety Corp (JESCO) manages the locations where the radioactive material, which is the consequence of the nuclear disaster in 2011, is stored.

According to the Ministry on the network discovered unauthorized communication to the outside. Further investigation revealed that a computer virus had infected the intranet, reports the Japan Times . Because the infection was decided to take down the network. JESCO is busy setting up of facilities for the storage of radioactive soil and other debris. To this end, consultations with landowners.

However, computers JESCO would contain no information on the landowners, the ministry said. Recently it was announced that Japan Pension Service was infected with malware and attackers as access to pension data of 1.25 million Japanese had been given.

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