Thursday, 11 June 2015

Adobe Had 38 Million Data Customers Are Not Secured

Adobe has violated the Australian privacy laws in 2013, the private information of 38 million customers not secure properly, according to the Australian Privacy Commissioner after investigation, which was conducted together with the regulators in Ireland and Canada.

The burglary in 2013 attackers managed to steal the source code of the software and the data of customers. It involved email addresses, hashed passwords, password hints in plain text and encrypted payment card numbers and expiration dates. The data were on a backup system would be taken out of service. According to the Australian Privacy Commissioner Adobe had not taken reasonable steps to protect personal information.

"The privacy legislation does not require an organization designs impenetrable systems, in this case, it became clear that it is important that organizations are sufficiently robust to apply consistent security systems," said Timothy Pilgrim. He argues that Adobe generally uses a layered approach to information security and the security of IT systems.

"But I made me particularly concerned about how Adobe email addresses and their passwords secure in the hacked system."The way Adobe had hashed passwords made possible because the retrieve them largely. Pilgrim is satisfied with the measures Adobe has taken in response to the incident. In addition, there will be an independent audit of the previously proposed measures will actually be deployed.

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