Thursday, 25 June 2015

Malwarebytes: Registry Cleaners Are Scams

On the Internet, numerous programs are offered to clean and optimize the Windows Registry, called registry cleaners, but this kind of software is actually meaningless, misleading users only. This enables anti-virus company Malwarebytes. On the forum of the virus fighter users regularly complain about registry cleaners. The programs are often distributed on dubious. Because of the increased complaints will Malwarebytes registry cleaners that are aggressively disseminate weather messages as unwanted software.

The Windows registry is basically a database of configuration settings and options for Windows. By installing and removing software may leave registry keys. Some users may think that the removal of these keys or the optimization of the Windows Registry can improve the performance of the computer. However, according Malwarebytes there is a placebo effect, because users see a nice animation and think that something is happening on their system.

The virus fighter designates registry cleaners also as the digital equivalent of " snake oil . " The performance improvements resulting from these types of programs are "at best, tiny and not noticeable," says Malwarebytes. At worst, it could damage the computer, however, so that a reinstallation of Windows. Even Microsoft does not recommend the use of registry cleaners.

However, the virus fighter will not all these programs consider undesirable. "We can tell you that these programs are scams, but we're not going to commit to not use them." However, the software will be considered undesirable as it presents itself to users and parasitic example through the installation of other software or other exhibits aggressive features.

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