Wednesday, 24 June 2015

FBI Warns CryptoWall-Ransomware

Both consumers and businesses in the last year lost millions because they were victims of CryptoWall-ransomware, reason for the FBI to issue a warning. CryptoWall a ransomware variant that encrypts files for ransom.

According to the US, it is the most active investigation service ransomware threat in the United States. In addition, the damage is often greater than the demanded ransom, which is between $ 200 and $ 10,000. Many victims would be faced with additional costs due to network security, taking countermeasures, productivity loss, legal fees, IT assistance and arranging credit monitoring for employees and customers.

Between April 2014 and June 2015, the FBI received 992 complaints about CryptoWall, in which victims indicated that they had lost more than $ 18 million. To avoid infection by ransomware advises the FBI to use a virus scanner and firewall, install pop-up blockers, making backups and to be skeptical. "Do not click on e-mails or attachments you do not recognize and avoid suspicious websites." The latter recommendation, however, does not account for the large number of hacked websites and infected ads on legitimate websites that cyber criminals use ransomware to spread.

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