Saturday, 13 June 2015

IBM Sees Weather DDoS Attacks From Bill Gates Linux Botnet

A botnet that infects Linux computers and used to carry out DDoS attacks is active again, says IBM. It's the "Bill Gates botnet" which last year was first detected, reports IBM . The bot-amplification uses DNS to carry out the DDoS attacks.

With DNS amplification open DNS servers are used to enhance the traffic to the attacked websites or services. An interesting feature of this malware, according to the Russian anti-virus company Dr. Web together with the Finnish F-Secure paid attention to the last year malware. According to the Russian virus fighter is the Gates-malware also allegedly found because of a sophisticated modular structure that never experienced Linux malware.

At the time, it was unknown how the malware was spreading. Something where IBM still has no answer. It is not known who is behind the botnet. However, the company argues that there has been observed a significant increase in traffic, which are used forged packets and the destination IP address in China.

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