Friday, 19 June 2015

Criminals Steal $ 1.5 Million Over Hacked E-mail Account

Criminals have managed to steal last month $ 1.5 million from the Swedish publisher Bonnier Publications and media group, after they had hacked the email account of then-CEO, as the new CEO in front of the New York Post announced.

It is the well-known e-mail scam that allows companies worldwide last year for 226 million dollars were scammed.Scammers send out whether accounts hacked e-mails to the finance department with payment instructions from the CEO or CFO seem to originate. In the case of Bonnier Publications e-mail account of the CEO was hacked, but exactly how this occurred was not disclosed. Then the criminals sent payment instructions to an employee of the publishing house to make about $ 3 million.

The payment was made through two transactions of $ 1.5 million. The second tans action could be stopped before the money had ended up in a Chinese bank. The employee decided to call the CEO to confirm the transaction. The first transaction however, could not be reversed and according to the publisher the Chinese banking authorities are not very helpful in identifying the account holder.

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