Thursday, 18 June 2015

Favicon Bug Late Chrome, Firefox And Safari Crash

A bug in the way Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari handle the favicons of websites ensures that they can eventually crash. The problem was accidentally discovered by security analyst Andrea De Pasquale. He had a favicon 64MB download large that a full backup of a WordPress website turned out to be.

Programmer Benjamin Gruenbaum worked out the problem further into a demonstration on GitHub , which browsers without users have let this by downloading a large favicon. For his demonstration Gruenbaum created a favicon almost 10GB which ultimately caused a crash on his Macbook, so he lets on Hacker News know. Undetected downloads would especially be a problem for mobile users with a data limit. Gruenbaum then warned Mozilla and Google on the issue. The developers of Firefox came in three hours with a solution that will be present in the latest version of the browser. The problem is not with Internet Explorer.

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